F.A.Q. Erasmus – Houtschild Merger

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What is the official, registered name and address of the merged company?

Erasmus Antiquariaat en Boekhandel BV 
Veemarkt 207
1019CJ Amsterdam 
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-20-535 34 33
Fax: +31-20-620 67 99
E-mail: erasmus@erasmusbooks.nl

Chamber of Commerce: 33044879 (Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam)
VAT number: NL007025117B01
EORI number: NL007025117

For Houtschild customers:

How long will the Houtschild bank accounts remain open?

  • You can continue to pay into the current Houtschild bank accounts until the end of August 2023.  After that date these accounts will be closed.  If you prefer, payments can already be made to the Erasmus accounts.  Please always make sure when paying to mention the invoice numbers concerned. 

What happens with my outstanding orders?

  • Outstanding monographic orders ordered at Houtschild will remain recorded and supplied by Erasmus when the books become available. 
  • All your standing orders at Houtschild are being transferred to Erasmus.  Future volumes will be sent from Amsterdam with Erasmus invoices. 
  • Journals continue to be sent directly from the publisher if such is the case now.  Renewals will be handled by Erasmus later this year. 
  • Journals with a consolidation service at Houtschild will transfer to a consolidation at Erasmus.  Renewals will also be handled by Erasmus later this year. 

 How to order books?

  • Via ordinary mail: please send your orders to the above mentioned physical address 
  • Via e-mail: please send your orders to erasmus@erasmusbooks.nl
  • Via our websites www.erasmusbooks.nl or www.erasmus.fr (for French books only): please contact us in case you have not yet access to our website.  We will create a profile for you and send the instructions on how to login. 
  • Via EDI: for those clients who currently send their orders via EDI to Houtschild, you will be contacted shortly with further details  

Where should returns be sent to?

  • Please contact your current Houtschild contact for further information. 

I have accounts both with Houtschild and Erasmus. What will happen to my accounts?

  • The Houtschild account will be migrated to Erasmus and, for now, remain separate using the Houtschild account number. At a later stage Erasmus might contact you about merging your accounts.

How to reach my Houtschild contact?

  • Please be informed that all current Houtschild e-mails remain valid for the foreseeable future.   

 For Erasmus customers:

The merger of Erasmus and Houtschild will have no consequences for Erasmus customers.

For Publishers:

What happens with the Houtschild orders:

  • During May Houtschild will stop ordering from suppliers. Books for Houtschild customers will be ordered by Erasmus
  • On June 1 all outstanding Houtschild orders will be migrated to Erasmus. After that date all books should be sent to Erasmus, see below for addresses.

Where should monographs, standing orders and journals be shipped to?

For books and standing orders, please use these addresses.

For journals, if the journal is being sent to Houtschild in Rijswijk, please change the address to Erasmus. If the journals issues are sent directly to another address, please continue using that address.

  • Main Netherlands address:

Erasmus Antiquariaat en Boekhandel BV
Veemarkt 207
1019CJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

For Dutch publishers, aansluitnummer Vervoercentrale: 7121076

  • If you have been using a delivery address in the USA, UK, or Germany, please use these:

Woodland Group – Media Division
For: Erasmus Amsterdam / IBS / AIR
560-596 Bercik Street
Suite #1
Elizabeth, NJ 07201

United Kingdom:
Attn. Erasmus Boekhandel, Amsterdam
Dollymans Farm
Doublegate Lane, Rawreth
Wickford, Essex
SS11 8UD
United Kingdom

International Book Service GmbH & Co. KG
Attn. Erasmus 1019CJ Amsterdam
Benzstraße 21
48619 Heek

If you have any questions or if we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.